Horse Boarding

Prairie Rose offers two possible horse boarding options to meet your needs.

Prairie Rose horse barn aisle

Horse Stalls

Stall boarding options include regular stalls or super stalls, all of which are in the main barn and under the same roof as the indoor riding arena.

Both options include optional turnout to larger paddocks or pasture. All stalls include comfortable rubber matting on the floor.

Regular Stalls

Regular stalls average 12' by 12' in size. They are located conveniently close to a client tack room, the lounge, and the indoor riding arena.

Super Stalls

Super stalls average 14' by 14' in size; each super stall includes 24/7 access to a private, attached pen.

Horse in private bording stall pen

Horses in our super stalls thrive on their freedom to move inside and outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine while still having the comfort and protection of their stall.

Large horse bording stall